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Guide to the Second-Time Bride

By Dr. Georgianne Thomas

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In 1978, when The Atlanta Journal/Constitution featured me and my small booklet in the Peopleetc. section, Tuesday, August 22, I was sure the booklet sales would take off and I would be well on my way with second time bride programs, projects, and weddings. To my chagrin, it never happened. I was thirty-six years old and in an abusive relationship. I was wasting time trying to support my reason for remaining in a relationship with an awesome intellect by day and a criminal mind by night, all the while protecting my young daughter.

My second husband was smart, educated and a savvy entrepreneur who loved his wife, but loved his Gin more. What prompted me to marry a second time? What personality test, i.e., Jung and Isabelle Briggs Myers Typological Approach to Personality, should I have taken? Were there signs? Most certainly!! Did I see them? Yes!! Did I ignore them? Yes!! Should anyone listen to me thirty-eight years later?

I don’t know but I do know that according to the US Census Bureau, most men and women marry within five years of divorce. Generally, a higher percentage of men remarry within five years than women do. In addition to the general pattern of men remarrying more than women, a higher proportion of whites remarry than blacks. The report continues to say that the length of time to remarriage after being widowed from a first marriage, was three years for men and 4.4 years for women. Most of those who were recently remarried had biological children, although not all living in the household.

How then does this information impact you? The variables in this discussion can influence any level of your decision to remarry. What I hope to do is to provide you with certain keys to unlock any veiled, secretive, or concealed wish list that could sway your decision to marry the second man of your dreams.

Guide to the Second-Time Bride

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New Book Release: “Guide to the Second-Time Bride”
By Dr. Georgianne Thomas
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Atlanta – – Dr. Georgianne Thomas married for the second time without consulting any book to warn her of the pitfalls that almost ended her life. In actuality, had there been such a book at her disposal, Thomas may not have gotten married. So, she wrote her own book in 1978, which was featured in the “The Atlanta Constitution” newspaper. That was the extent of the life of that first self-published, pamphlet- styled book. Now, thirty-eight years later, Dr. Thomas has revised her first guide, added decades of life experience, and re-released it for a new generation of women who may need to do what she didn’t do before she said, “I do.” And what was that? Heal.

“Guide to the Second-Time Bride” is a candid, and sometimes comedic personal book to guide women through a process of introspection, as well as guide them through practical steps to consider before marching down the aisle – again. Thomas provides encouraging, yet convicting commentary on children, in-laws, friends, and finances while offering opportunities for spiritual reflection as well.

One of the key components of the book is the REMARRIAGE MAZE JOURNEY. Second-time brides are coached as they take a step-by-step journey through a series of life conditions. The bride’s response to each one determines how or whether they should proceed to their second marriage.

Thomas cites research in her book about the staggering climb in divorce rates and remarriage rates over the last 50 years. “Guide to the Second-Time Bride” aims to help would-be brides come to grips with the dynamics of second marriages so that their next marriage has a chance to be a joyous and lasting union.

“Guide to the Second-Time Bride” is published by Taylor and Seale Publishing, Inc. The book is available through the publisher or Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books A Million. Second-time brides may visit www.drgeorgiannethomas.com to order the book and read an excerpt.

Dr. Georgianne Thomas is the creator and executive producer of the award-winning, independent documentary, “Foot Soldiers: Class of 1964,” which tells the story of the largest, coordinated series of civil rights protests in Atlanta’s history. Dr. Thomas participated in the protests while she was a student at Spelman College. Her decades of service and leadership in the media, higher education, international affairs, and community activism positions her to impact the lives of many people with her transforming message of hope and encouragement, as she keeps a pulse on the issues that matter.


Re-Marriage Maze


Follow the Maze. Ask questions.  Read the book ♥️.


“From the very first chapter of the book Guide To The Second-Time Bride by author Dr. Georgianne Thomas, the reader is privileged to a complete outline of how to navigate the perils of a second marriage. By utilizing extensive research, difficult personal history, biblical principle, and good ole life experience wisdom, Dr. Thomas challenges the reader to face the question… are you ready to remarry? The work is a wonderful study of all aspects of the second time marriage question, it should be required reading for any couple even contemplating remarriage. Delightful, insightful, and beautifully done!”

– Audrey Hallyburton

“2nd Marriage – Maid of Honor”

“The beauty and richness of this book is found in Georgianne Thomas’s masterful presentation of research on remarriage and focus on 1 Corinthians 13. By simultaneously examining these two explanations of love and marriage, Thomas uncovers crucial considerations that potential second time brides ought to consider. Readers will understand that the kind and respectful voice Thomas uses in her writing can only come from one with personal knowledge of the wounds caused by a failed marriage or the loss of a beloved spouse.”

– Wanda Wall Spivey

Ph.D. Cincinnati, Ohio

About Best selling Author

Dr. Georgianne Thomas

Activist, Author, Educator, Visionary

Dr. Georgianne Thomas received her Doctor of Arts in the Humanities from Clark Atlanta University, her Master’s in Education degree from Georgia State University, and her Bachelor of Arts degree from Spelman College. Community activism, the arts and politics have all been large components of Dr. Thomas’ life. Currently an Adjunt Professor at Atlanta Metropolitan State College, Dr. Thomas has worked with the City of Atlanta Municipal Court as a program manager assisting victims of domestic violence, as a trainer with the City of Atlanta, as a trainer with Delta Air Lines, and as an instructor in Atlanta Public Schools.

Additionally, Dr. Thomas has always had a passion for fashion and skin care. She founded Georgianne’s Skin Treats after surviving breast cancer in 2002. She was compelled to dust off her dreams deferred, and commit to making them a reality. So, she asked God for a second chance. First, she finished the Doctor of Arts degree, with a concentration in French Literature, in 2006. Then, she created Georgianne’s Skin Treats. Dr. Thomas worked in the beauty and hair care industry as a sideline pursuit in the 1960s and 1970s while she taught French in the public school system in Georgia. Now many years and career success later, Dr. Thomas has launched a company that embodies her zeal for life.

She is a former Mayoral Appointed Chair of the Atlanta Sister Cities Commission. In this position, Dr. Thomas was Co-Chair of the Sister Cities International, Inc. Convention, bringing the only convention to Atlanta in the 50-year history of the international organization. She is a recipient of the 2006 Distinguished Volunteer Award with Sister Cities International, and she was honored for her contribution to international awareness and involvement in the City of Atlanta with the Delta Torch Award in 2003, presented by the Atlanta Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. The award honored recipients who excelled as activists in the areas of Economic Development; Educational Development; International Awareness and Involvement; Political Awareness and Involvement; Physical and Mental Health; and Arts and Letters. She was voted a member of the National Board of Directors for Sister Cities International in 2002 to 2005 and elected to the Honorary Board of Directors for Sister Cities International, Washington, D.C. in 2006. Dr. Thomas is also a member of Pi Delta Phi Société d’Honneur Française and the Golden Key International Honor Society.

She is founding chair of the Atlanta-Cotonou (Benin) Sister City Committee and served as the attaché for the Republic of Benin during the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta. Dr. Thomas has served as a Georgia delegate to the National Summit on Africa; was former president of the Atlanta Chapter of the National Association of Media Women; and was a pioneer member of the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists (AABJ). Dr. Thomas is an honorary State Senator in Georgia (2006); is the recipient of an Atlanta City Council proclamation for outstanding work in the community; and is an appointee to the Advisory Council of the Hemisphere, Inc. Free Trade Area of the Americas. She is the former Chair of the Atlanta Commission on Women which develops programs to help promote women and girls issues as they relate to employment, education, sports, business, etc. Dr. Thomas has been a founder and member of numerous other organizations ranging from the Southern Christian Leadership Council, to Atlanta Neighborhood Planning Board, the African Chamber of Commerce, the National Council for Negro Women, and the Board of the Arts Exchange.

A seasoned actress, Dr. Thomas can be seen in the films, Let’s Do It Again, Noah Dearborn, Miss Lettie and Me, The Fighting Temptations, The Gospel, Madea’s Family Reunion, in an untitled Dallas Austin Project, Rob and the Mob, Miracles, and in American Idol contestant George Huff’s music video, just to name a few. Dr. Thomas was also a lead character in two weeks of the 365 Days/365 Plays by Pulitzer prize-winner, Suzan-Lori Parks. She is an interview coach for various artists, a writer, producer, director of television specials, teaches acting classes, and she has been a cable talk show host, and a radio announcer for WCLK – 91.9FM in Atlanta. She is the former President of the National Association of Media Women, Atlanta Chapter, organized by Ms. Xernona Clayton, as well as one of the founding pioneers of the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists. Dr. Thomas has attended several writers’ conferences for filmmakers and is the Executive Director of Footsoldiers: Class of 1964, an award documentary (www.footsoldiers1964.com)

In her political life, Dr. Thomas has been a candidate for the Atlanta City Council and for Georgia State Senate. She was elected to the Fulton County Democratic Party in 2002. Dr. Thomas is a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and is the proud mother of Rev. Alvelyn J. Sanders who herself is an artist and career professional of considerable note.

Additional Information:
Trustee Emeritus at Big Bethel A.M.E. Church. Former President of the Atlanta Chapter of the National Association of Media Women. Founding Member of the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists. Founding Member of the African Chamber of Commerce (Mayor Maynard Jackson). Former Vice-Chair of the Atlanta Planning and Advisory Board (APAB) City of Atlanta, the governing board of the Neighborhood Planning Units. Former Chair and Vice-Chair of the Neighborhood Planning Unit (NPU) S, covering the West End, Cascade and Oakland City of Atlanta. Co-Founder of the APAB Leadership Institute for Community Based Training, City of Atlanta. Volunteer with the Georgia Council of International Visitors. Volunteer the Atlanta Business League, S.C.L.C. Women, NAACP-ACT-So Competition, Atlanta Chapter of the National Council of Negro Women, and the United Negro College Fund. Member Organization of Black Airline Pilots, Inc. Board Member of the Arts Exchange. Consultant for Warner Books 1979-2001, Media Escort Services. Recipient of Special Citation from former Ambassador and Mayor, Andrew Young, for translation services during the visit of former President Mitterrand’s visit to Atlanta.

Media Spotlight

Guide to the Second-Time Bride


“I wrote this book as a guide and a blueprint for the woman who is entertaining the idea of marrying for the second time. I want her to consider carefully the prospect of remarriage in relationship to the goals and dreams she set for herself. In other words, has she healed from the last marriage, has she fulfilled any of her own goals and aspirations, and is she in a healthy relationship with herself and her children?”

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